How do I make it so every time I create a new Daily Document, a to-do list is automaticly added to it?

I have a study routine, I like check-boxes and Daily Documents, I want it so, when I select “Create” > “Today’s Document” it creates, not a black document, but a document with my To-Do list already in there. Is doing something like this possible?

I’m new to RemNote and have looked a bit into templates, but I can’t seem to find the “As soon as the document is created, it also has something in it” part. Also, I can’t seem to get check-boxed working with templates, is it a limitation?

To automatically fill in slots of a template, tag the template with the #Automatically Add Template power up (Pro feature). A slots you create on the Daily Document page are now automatically filled in for Daily Documents since they are tagged with #Daily Document.

Not having checkboxes is a limitation of the templating/reference system: Tags - like the #Todo Power Up but also #Header and custom tags - generally do not transfer through references or are created from the template (see Let slots inherit tags, including “Extra Card Detail”). The only exception is the highlight color which is visible through references.

I think the most automation you can do with templates at the moment is to add content, e.g. a search portal containing all your todos, as a child of a slot and Ctrl + Click the (automatically added) reference of the slot to add a portal to that content:

If you’d like to generate content with more formatting options (e.g. the same list of tasks you want to complete each day), you should look into pasting text templates (RemNote Templates vs. Text Templates). E.g. Make it easier to centralize work in daily document using templates built in textexpander or copy-pasted from repository shows what you can do by pasting a text template on a Daily Document.

For todos for example use the syntax - [ ] My Task.