How do you practice your flashcards on different topics?

Hey how do you practice your flashcards on different subjects during the day?
For example, if you have three subjects, do you practice all the flashcards of each subject separately or all 3 subjects together?

Depends on your goals and the timelines of your exams. Since my program is so compressed… we go through multiple lectures a day and test twice a week. The closest 2 tests are always the priority and then mix it up afterwards. Also, if time is not on your side… going through cards with interleaving is slower because you orient yourself on the subject first before you answer the flashcard. It’s important for me to see and answer the cards correct 3-4 times before the test. On the flipside, if you use interleaving and the spaced rep alg it’s better for long term memory. So really it depends on your situation.


Another benefit of interleaving that is unique to RemNote is spotting unusual connections between fields and making a note of them elsewhere using references or portals.

But if i create a queue that contains all subjects i have to learn and going through that set with interleaving each card could be a different topic and that seems like multitasking to me. Am i wrong about that?

And that’s the danger of RemNote’s approach of allowing some context for flashcards: you may be tempted to create ones that are less atomic than they should be. As long as you don’t need to keep multiple cards in mind when answering an individual one, you aren’t multitasking, just rapidly switching. By all means, find the combination of clustering options that works best for you - Hierarchy Clusters only should only present closely related rem together and still interleave others.

Man thats why hiding the heirarchy would be a game changer for some of us because my flashcards can be stand alone. But having it in a hierarchy when viewing it on a document is great for bird’s eye view and finding the card for portals. Any word if this power up will be implemented? Or is there an awesome CSS that can do it?

Alas, I’m not aware of any Custom CSS for this, but you can follow the Feature Request, as that is the likeliest place it may be posted.