No-Hierarchy Power-up Rem (hide parents in queue)

Power-up rem to prevent showing rem hierarchy for queue

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Would also like this feature because I’m starting to miss toggles for navigation. The way I think of it is that on the exam you barely or don’t have any context so why should your flashcards have it. Recalling is more difficult while studying but that’s a good thing as research shows.

One thing I‘d like to add, although I‘m not sure if that‘s what the OP is suggesting as well, is that there should be a no hierarchy power up rem for parents, so that you can choose which parents you don‘t want to see on the flashcard. For example I still want to know if the question is in maths or German but everything else like subtopic, chapter and so on, I don‘t want to see. That‘s because for certain questions, it‘s important to know the subject, you can ask what an argument is in the context of math and the context of a language and you get two different answers with the same question. Additionally, having to tag only the parents would mean less tagging overall


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I would be interested in this feature or something similar to it. Basically I’m sacrificing the hierarchical logic of my document to make flash cards without spoilers, resulting in a document that frustrates and is hard to follow.


Dear RemNote Team,

I want to ask, can you add the function of “Queue page undisplays hierarchy”? That is, when using spaced repetition queues, no hierarchy information is displayed, only the rem itself.


In RemNote, our knowledge is structured hierarchically.
This is a very nice innovation from Anki. Thanks!

But, this is not necessarily appropriate for the display page of Queue.
Because a lot of times, too much hierarchy consumes my focus.

For example, the Queue page now looks like this

And the Queue page that I want is

This is the first request above, including all the Queue rems.

The second request below, which is further, is for a different rem in the queue.

Queue is set to “no hierarchy information” by default. When I review a rem in Queue and need to be prompted by the hierarchy information, I can click the shortcut key to display it.

For example,
Pretend this has a button: show hierarchy information :star_struck:

Click to display as

Thank you.


I would really love to see this feature!

I believe it would be really useful in order to have the option to hide headings on certain flashcards. For example a heading of “Socrates” is going to give away a close deletion of ______ was known for being the founder of Western Philosophy.

Thank you!

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I think the original idea of having a power up Rem to not show hierarchy is better. You cannot simply hide hierarchy. It would work ONLY IF you provide sufficient context in the rem of the card itself. Many times this is not the case.


You have a Rem “ship prime movers”, with children like Diesel Motor and Steam Turbine. In the Diesel Motor you have a child asking “fuel consumption?;; 0.2 kg of oil/kWh”. Of course you would understand nothing if the hierarchy was not shown.

Maybe you do not use the hierarchy and the Concept-Descriptor framework, and that’s the reason you are requesting it. But I think this cannot be done, cause it would break the workflow of everybody who effectively use the hierarchical and the Concept-Descriptor framework.

Good idea. Thanks for your reply.

Two months ago, I saw that hierarchy information was full of queue pages, which can bring bad effects to my recall. I thought hierarchy must be used in creating rem but not in recalling. So I put forward the idea before.
Now, I have another idea that we should pay attention to hierarchy when creating rem. Some hierarchy is not necessary for the structure.

What you say is inspiring me. For example, the Concept-Descriptor framework can be used by many people.

And I also hold that the idea of hiding parents in queue pages can be used in some situations. For example, as you said before, I want to recall some cards with sufficient context. It is a choice in some situations , but not a common pattern in our dailylife.

Actually, what you said before is also considering some situations, such as the Concept-Descriptor framework. So, in conclusion, our ideas can be discussed together.

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For sure! I also struggle sometimes with the need to “remove” the hierarchy in some cards. I tryied using Portals:

(here SafeWinch is inside a portal just to avoid getting the hint that is it a Render-recovery winch when in the queue, as it would be too easy to remember if I already got that hint)

But using portals the structure of my documents get messy and not neat (I had to create a flying top-level rem for the SafeWinch concept, lost in my knowledgebase, just to avoid hierarchical hints in the cards!).

But I think that a Power Up Rem would be sufficient to solve the problem, don’t you?

@Martin, it would be great if you could think on it. Thanks in advance!


Sometimes I’m testing a definition rem and the word which I’m trying to remember from its definition is mentioned in the rems on the path from this rem to the root. I’m not always able to remove this word from the rems on the path to root (as often it’s the title of a section), and I don’t want to remove the extremely useful ability to have the ‘path to root’ context when testing on a rem.

A related issue is that sometimes I’m testing on a rem (e.g. the proof of a theorem) for which I want to be able to see the statement: e.g.

- Theorem name :: [theorem statement]
    - proof ;; [proof of theorem]

when testing on proof, I want to be able to see both the theorem name and the theorem statement.

And e.g. in this case I’d like to be able to see the problem while being tested on the solution

Might it be possible to have more fine-grained control over what’s shown in the path to root? And/or could there be a setting that, when enabled, would always show both the front and back sides of all cards in the path to root?

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Is this feature on the team’s radar at all? @Karthikk or should we not expect it? Thank you

In order not to cheat yourself while learning, it would be great if the folder path is hidden on the front side of the flash card.

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