How to increase spacing between parent rem and child rem?

I confuse parent rem and child rem by the closeness between them. I would like to know if there is a way to increase the spacing between them, using CSS.

Is it also possible to change the type of bullets, so that they have the same type in the same indentation?

Thank you!

Have you tried changing the Editor Line Spacing setting to Spacious?
Hereā€™s how to navigate to it: Settings > Interface > Editor Interface > Editor Line Spacing

There is a feature request to have this natively implemented, so feel free to upvote that request here. Since the redesign, old CSS snippets no longer work, but there used to be some that did something similar to what youā€™re asking for. I agree it would be useful to me as well. Hopefully, our CSS wizards will come up with something that works post-redesign as well :slight_smile:


I apologize, I expressed myself badly!

I would like to increase the indentation between the rem:
Indentation 1
Indentation 2