How to recover my lost data or document?

If you accidentally deleted your rem or you are looking for a trashcan

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Yes, exactly. I deleted and right away thought, “Oh, I want that back.” I tried for an hour to find, and then decided to give up and just retype my notes for that article, which took me 1.5 hours. Thanks!

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Hi. Could you give me a hand here, please?

I tried to restore a “document” I accidentally deleted, but it’s not among the rem in the trash. (Nor are any rem belonging to that document.) A suggestion would be a search function for the trash. I only need that one doc, but tried restoring hundreds of rem, looking for a matching significant word, but no luck after 1400 rems.

The latest day in Trash is the day you accidentally deleted your document?
The trash sometime does not work because of some reasons i don’t know.

If the day in Trash is not the day you deleted, you can wait for the trash delete all rems on two weeks ago, then it will show the day you deleted your document gradually…