How to use 'filtered decks' and tags collection powerup?

I have a deck filled with tags.
I would like to:

  1. List all of the tags in that deck at the top, for easy reference
  2. To be able to filter the deck, and study only 1 tag at a time. (Similar to ‘Filtered decks’ feature in Anki).
  1. From what I understand both of these features are possible, but I can’t get either of them to work.
    I have added the Experimental powerup “Tag Collection” in settings… yet when I go to search for it (with /tag…) in the document – there is no Tag Collection there. In fact what I see is:

How do I list all of these tags? Please explain the process step by step, because none of the other posts I found were helpful at really replicating the solution.

  1. I have no idea how to actually filter my deck to study separate tags. There are some brief mentions of that being available (Using Tags (or other strategies) to created filtered decks)… but I have not managed to do so.

So how do I filter a document to only study flashcards tagged with a specific tag?

The most elegant solution that I have found is to open the filter (cmd+shift+f)

Choose the tag that you want to practice

Click on the tag of the rem

And then practice

Another way is to look for the tag while you are going through your flashcards


The first method is amazing for practising Cards from the same document/folder. :grinning:

As an alternative to the second method (Queue by tag), if you are looking to practice all the Cards across your Knowledge Base, you can use a search portal instead.

I’d still go with @88DM88’s instead.

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Thank you to both of you for the thorough examples, I have managed to create a filtered deck with your help!

Do you know how to find all of the tags used in a document though? I have noticed there is a tag section shown at the top but it does not show all the tags (despite me having activated the power-up to collect tags). I also can’t find that ‘Tag Collection’ plugin by searching in the page. How do I see all the used tags in the document?

The tag section shown in your image only show the tags that the page itself has and not the tags of all bullet points on that page. As for the tag collection feature, all it does is create a tag page like this

You can then use the search portal at the bottom to get a list of all your tags

How do I access this Tag page though? I tried searching it on the side and I don’t see it (nor do I see it in the all documents section).
If I click the thumbnail on top it doesn’t display that either
Where do I find the Tag page?

cmd+p and then look for tag

Ok it was somewhat difficult to make it appear but I finally managed to.
Initially the Tag document didn’t show up, but I think that was because the only tags that were currently present were those imported automatically from Anki decks and the default ones (like #extra card detail).

I managed to make the Tag document show up after adding a random tag to a document, by using the ##(write a new tag and press enter).
This new tag did get counted as a ‘real’ tag and then the Tag Collection document got created, which allowed me to search it with CTRL+P => “Tag”

This did include some of the other tags (like #stubs), but it doesn’t seem to work retroactively to the Anki imported ones. But it’s definitely something already.
Thanks to everyone for the help!