Using Tags (or other strategies) to created filtered decks

Right now, I’m mostly using tags to creat filtered decks (ex. tag a rem with “flag” and then have a document with the “flag” portal to review separately. How are other med students using RemNote functions to filter decks for review? What kinds of tags do you use? How do you set it up? Would love to share ideas on this :smile:


Thought I’d share a snapshot of what I’ve come up with.

Each semester (SEM II) is broken down into the modules we have → eg. CNSLM & HLTM.

Under each module, I have a list of related tags. Tag’s I’ve come up with are:

  • a tag “exam” for any points professors emphasized are testable

  • a tag for concepts I find hard and moderately hard.

All rems (i.e., bullet points) are tagged as documents so that all of the content with those tags can be studied together or separately.


Unfortunately, until Ability to use logical operators for searching (Queries) is implemented, all searches are OR only, meaning your best bet is make your tags as atomic as possible. Do keep in mind the existing powerup highlight colour tags for filtering - e.g. red highlight can be filtered on by Red.

Alternatively, you may use portals to bring any rem to a new document and create a filtered deck that way

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