Image Occlusion Issues (Two Images on one Rem line)

Hello RemNote Team,

I am currently using the new update on my computer. I recently posted feedback about another issue involving images.

This time the problem I seem to be experiencing is regarding when I setting up my anatomy cards. I copied and pasted two diagrams on the same rem line and write my flashcard questions underneath to have the diagram to reference. I usually turn these diagrams into image occlusion cards.

As you can see, the right image shows the occlusions that I made for the diagram on the left. When I click on the right image, the left image will show the occlusions I made for the right. This does not just appear at this spot. This will also appear while I’m doing my flashcards.

If there would be a way to insert two image occlusions on the same line that would be amazing!

I appreciate your hard work and everything that you guys have been doing. I am excited for the new update and more frequent bug fixes!