Pasted screenshots on Ultrawide Monitors have wrong proportions (COMPUTER APP ONLY) (RemNote on Mac/Windows)

Hello RemNote Team,

I am reaching out to you regarding an issue that I had discovered that is pretty concerning to me. When I screenshot marked-up diagrams up on Notability or Goodnotes (both on the iPad and on an M1 Macbook Pro), the images now get inserted into RemNote with the wrong aspect ration (they look squished compared to the actual diagrams)

A very big part of my workflow is very quickly annotating my images directly from Notability and Goodnotes and then pasting them directly in. While it might seem minor, the correct proportions of images is very important to learn anatomy. Please help with this issue.

Here is the normal scale image for reference

Slight update. This issue is only occurring when I paste images while the application is open on my Ultrawide monitor. This is still a major issue for me because this monitor is my main workflow during medical school. I have never had this issue using this same monitor and doing the exact same thing while using the old RemNote.

(RemNote 1.4.7 )
This bug happens in Desktop app and not on Web app…

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Thanks for your reply fellow RemNoter. I tried this on the Web app and it works!

I also did a bunch of diagnostic trials to confirm the issue wasn’t coming from outside the app. It is definitely an issue with the computer app.

Seeing as this is my primary workflow and I prefer to use the computer app, I hope that this bug gets fixed soon.

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Having the same issue. I tried pasting a very wide table which worked just fine, but the immediately after, an image closer to square was pasted as horizontally squished/vertically stretched.