Improve publishing so you can publish a whole website of your notes

It’d be awesome to easily publish everything, including children, of a folder in a neat package (where linked Rem work). I like it because it improves the speed of the feedback loop between writing and publishing, which is motivating. (I could imagine it being useful for growth too, since people sharing their notes is an organic way of promoting word of mouth.)

Obsidian does it and it’s really neat. For example, check out Andy Matuschak’s notes I considered switching for it, but the formatting clean up was a faff.

Biggest pain point: When I publish a page, it doesn’t publish everything linked to from that page, so the viewing experience is broken. E.g. I can’t click on the tags of what I published and go to them as documents, or if I click on a document, I can’t then click around on that document (it’ll say ‘Document Deleted’). Feel free to play around my notes RemNote to get a sense of what I’m trying to do/what’s broken.

Would also be cool:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Sliding windows (as in Andy’s notes)
  3. Page preview on hover
  4. Host notes on my own website
  5. Ability to filter documents by different tags (may already exist, haven’t played around enough with search portals)

Andy uses his own system, it’s just that Obsidian has a plugin to emulate his sliding panes.

There is a quick hack

Already have this. Settings - Interface - Full page preview.

For the moment all tags are OR only, see Ability to use logical operators for searching (Queries)

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