Improve publishing so you can publish a whole website of your notes

It’d be awesome to easily publish everything, including children, of a folder in a neat package (where linked Rem work). I like it because it improves the speed of the feedback loop between writing and publishing, which is motivating. (I could imagine it being useful for growth too, since people sharing their notes is an organic way of promoting word of mouth.)

Obsidian does it and it’s really neat. For example, check out Andy Matuschak’s notes I considered switching for it, but the formatting clean up was a faff.

Biggest pain point: When I publish a page, it doesn’t publish everything linked to from that page, so the viewing experience is broken. E.g. I can’t click on the tags of what I published and go to them as documents, or if I click on a document, I can’t then click around on that document (it’ll say ‘Document Deleted’). Feel free to play around my notes RemNote to get a sense of what I’m trying to do/what’s broken.

Would also be cool:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Sliding windows (as in Andy’s notes)
  3. Page preview on hover
  4. Host notes on my own website
  5. Ability to filter documents by different tags (may already exist, haven’t played around enough with search portals)

Andy uses his own system, it’s just that Obsidian has a plugin to emulate his sliding panes.

There is a quick hack

Already have this. Settings - Interface - Full page preview.

For the moment all tags are OR only, see Ability to use logical operators for searching (Queries)


@Karthikk Any thoughts on this? Is it coming/can I get beta access?

I’m trying to publish some stuff here in an iframe, but it only works if you’re logged into RemNote.

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Hey @Peter_McIntyre thanks for reaching out!

This is so exciting to see someone has successfully embedded published RemNote docs via iFrame to their blog.

This has been a long time itch for me as well, and we definitely hope to provide more support and expand user’s publishing capabilities on this front.

Things like :

  • Custom domain
  • Better UX to publish
  • Better embedding of docs into HTML pages

These are all being considered internally and I am confident to say that we would definitely work on them.

Currently, if you wish to allow more access to your readers (like clicking the tag etc.,) you could try publishing those specifics tag as well.

  • Anything published, should technically be clickable and accessible
  • Feel free to ping me if you are having any trouble with this.

Nice to get in touch!
Take care


Hey @Karthikk, thanks for the reply!

Here are some current bugbears with sharing:

  1. As you can see here, the search portals get inserted into the middle of the doc rather than the end:
  2. Any pdf or source can’t be shared.
    a) So sharing docs with lots of highlighting from pdfs (like this one) get automatically broken.
    b) People can’t see my sources, so I need to put the link in the source field, and the doc. (e.g. this one).
  3. a) I have to share each referenced Rem, even if it’s in the same doc. That’s a bit unwieldly, and means I have to go through and share everything manually.
    b) It’s actually worse than that because links break (“Document deleted”) even if the doc is shared. E.g. the first link from here to Social Network Analysis works when shared individually, but not when linked from the document.
  4. Sometimes it loads a previous version of the shared Rem.
  5. The iframe I shared doesn’t actually work if you’re not logged into RemNote. (Try it in incognito or another browser.)
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These insights are gold :slight_smile: thank you! Will note them down for when we focus on Publish Mode (we have big plans for this domain of RemNote)

Would love to get in touch with you more when we begin focussing on this!

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Great, no worries!

Would love to get in touch with you more when we begin focussing on this!

Please do! Contact info on my website.

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