Introduce a tab bar (just like in a web browser)

When I’m using remnote, I often feel a bit “lost”. The program feels hard to navigate and it’s even harder to get an overview sometimes.

I think the double-panes view is great, but two windows is just not enough to stay organized while working on complex tasks involving multiple documents in my opinion.

Thus, I would really appreciate it if I could open rems/documents as new tabs with a tab bar just like in any web browser. If switching between tabs is assigned to a shortcut (like Ctrl-tab/Ctrl-shift-tab in the browser) then navigation would become that much easier!

This is especially necessary as the sidebar is not very well designed for efficient navigation (if you collapse all collapsible items then about one third of the space in the sidebar is still occupied).

You can just open multiple remnote tabs in browser (copy paste works fine between them). See also Arbitrary number of panes and the ability to arrange them freely


I see, I never thought of this lol. But it would still be nice if I could have the same experience on RemNote desktop


Agreed - this would be nice. We’e also been testing an ability to open > 2 windows at a time, along with some other ideas, and might enable that as well.


I often feel clunky navigating
The tab is a nice option

Personally I would love the ability to be able to open more than 2 panes

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I agree navigation should be easy, but the sidebar has been enough for me, as long as I’m using some heavily modified CSS to make that space more efficient - smaller font, remove unnecessary elements, spaces etc. (there is some discussion/CSS on this here and/or Discord - search for it if you’re interested, and if you can’t find it let me know!).

The title kind of says it all… but a little description never hurt. It would be nice if we could just right-click the downloaded version of RemNote on our toolbar, (while it’s open) and click open “new window” [much like chrome haha] where you can pull up another doc. I’d really love to be able to take notes coincidentally on two different docs.

Anyways go-ers of let me know if this already exists or if you all would like to see this get incorporated.

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Mike aka 2ndhand

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