January 2021 Update RemNote v1.1

The latter, you get to keep every 1.0 feature for life, including Image Occlusion.


That’s awesome! Thank you! Will consider the paid option once I am able to afford it.
This is a really good product that you have made and thank you for what you do.

How should I understand this? 300 US$ for version 1 only? And then again 300 US$ for V.2 - and so on from version to version? What do you mean by “lifetime”? How long will “lifetime” be valid?
I would support a real lifetime payment. I really enjoy thinking and writing with RemNote. It’s a great tool!

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From what I understand, $300 gets you:

  • New Pro features for life
  • Cloud storage for 5y

So if after 5y you are OK using RemNote only local (desktop), you don’t need to pay again and you still keep getting Pro updates.

To be clear, I am not part of the dev team, just a mod. The information is still correct.


Would be happy to support you guys by purchasing lifetime license. Would you consider being more flexible on price? After all, $300 is not the same for everyone, especially us who are not part of “1st world countries”.


The Pro features are great! Congratulations and thank you for all the hard work. I also believe it would be amazing if the aliases were part of the free version, to be honest. Everything else makes sense for me.

Just one question, there are still no other languages dictionaries/spell check? I really want to move to the desktop app, but all my notes are in Spanish. Thanks again!

Please keep the pricing according to country or currency value. 300$ is huge for a student studying in a developing country like India. Great tool.


Why not look at the note app Agenda. They have a modest annual upgrade fee. But you always get to keep the features you get in a year. So if you want you can skip a year, but the software is yours without subscription.

Thanks for your answer. But I’m still not satisfied :wink:
Do I have to pay once for all versions - i.e. 1,2,3 … n ? So that the new features from future versions 2, 3 … n are included then in the one-time payment? Or every time again 300 US$ the version number is spiked and I would like to have the new features from V. 2 and so on?

Why I insist?
I quote from https://www.remnote.io/updates, because it is misleadingly expressed, I think:
“Unlimited Local Premium Access for Life: Unlimited, lifetime access to all Premium RemNote V1 features on the desktop app (including PDF uploading, advanced views, etc.). No expiration and no time-limit.”

Thanks for clarifying. (And sorry for any inconvenience. I’m not very good at speaking or writing English.)

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I believe you still have access to the image occlusion features. All features you have access to before the January 7th (RemNote 1.1) Update are grandfathered.


Ah, I see. You’re right. That mention of “v1” makes it suggest you would indeed need to pay again in the future. Very bad deal, in my opinion.

Regardless, to me the only acceptable plan would be a Local-only $X0 one-off payment for current features. Then pay again later (a smaller amount) whenever (if) I want new features.

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Yes, there are many apps that follow models like that.
Hopefully RemNote devs will consider something like that.

Life Long subscribed, I can learn a lot with the pdf function, be the way, I’m learning languages.

  1. Good work must be recognized! I am very happy to work with Remnote. I am therefore happy to pay. But the benefits must be and remain reciprocal in my opinion. I have doubts at the moment. Your information is not clear enough for me. I even fear to get into a dependency, which I would like to avoid in any case. Even if I would have to give up Remnote for that, which would be very difficult for me. Because I maintain a large database in the meantime.

  2. In the Company-FAQ from May 5th, 2020 is written: “RemNote’s core features (+ many more we’re building) are free. In the far future, we’ll have a pro subscription, with extra features and extra data storage. However, we will maintain a feature-rich, free-for-life version as well.”
    Now you have very surprisingly already raised the paywall. If 7 months in the future is “far future” for you, then I should feel pretty young again. Because some “far futures” should still be granted to me despite my advanced age :wink:

  3. Lifetime amount over 300 US$ valid only for version 1 and only for five years? And then? What if there are several version advances within these five years? Do I participate in them?

  4. Do I fall back to version 1, if I, let’s say, don’t want to pay after 7 years and Remnote has reached version 4 or 7 or whatever in the meantime? What would then happen to all the features that went into my database? Would my database still be usable in the free version then?

Thanks for any clarification.

(Translated with deepl.com/translator)

PS: After writing it, I discovered that: Additional Pricing FAQ. Some question are answered there. - Sorry, you are all a little too fast for me :wink:

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Additional Pricing FAQ This might answer your questions

Congratulations to finally introducing paid plans and make RemNote longterm sustainable! Thank you for giving us so much for so long completely for free!

My impression is, that the prices are similar to comparable services (and much cheaper than Roam, of course) and thus very fair. However, students and pupils are targeted, whereas other “note taking tools” are rather for more afluent users. On the other side, most of them (the pupils) will perhaps take the free plan anyway, no matter how low the prices are.

There is only one point that I can’t agree completely. Customisable shortcuts are in the pro plan. If the normal shortcuts would always work, then that’s ok. But different browsers and operatings systems make some default shortcuts unusable. But even worse are different languages. Germans can’t use several default shortcuts, because we don’t use the same apostrophe. Thus the customizable shortcuts are not just a luxury feature, but sometimes the only way to make unusable shortcuts accessible.

Besides that, again congratulations to this huge steps after so much long and hard work and I wish you a lot of success with this amazing project that helped already so many learners!


Because of the power of Remnote, I considered buying a lifetime version for $300 (average $5 a month). But when I saw the detailed explanation of the lifetime version, I stopped buying the lifetime version. Almost misled by the so-called lifetime version. Now, I am willing to use Remnote for $6 a month, just one dollar more than the lifetime version, I can get permanent version updates and online storage. Therefore, the current $300 lifetime plan is not affordable, and I am unwilling to pay for this insincere lifetime vegetative plan.

What about a Local Pro Plan, as already suggested?

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  • What is the ETA for the future update?
  • Could you tell us what you are working on?