LaTeX package support

I believe LaTeX packages empower RemNote a lot, especially for STEM subjects.

Physics-Package :slight_smile:

What packages are you interested in using? We use Katex for our LaTeX handling - do you know if your package is supported?

I didn’t know about Katex. Thank you for sharing the link.
I wanted to align equations but I didn’t know how to do it. I’m not sure which package but I guess some can handle it. It might be possible to be done using Katex though.

Alignment is already included in KaTeX:

Thanks, my post was ambiguous but I meant that I wanted to align equations to the left in block mode. I guess it cannot be done by KaTeX although it’s a minor issue.

You mean like this?

Exactly. That’s a cool hack. I didn’t know that way you can apply style to them.
The obvious problem you must be aware of is the style applies to the the all latex blocks which is not so convenient. I’m gonna use this workaround for now though!

Should have said that first! Good thing we can do everything with tags:

Wow, that’s mind blowing. Everyone must learn Custom CSS😠
Thanks, it helps a lot!

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I want to be able to use packages like this:
(You can also google: “physics package LaTeX”)

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