Linking to files in folders

Hi, is there anyway that I can add a link within a rem to a file that exists in my local file system?
Ideally, the link would open the file directly, or maybe open the folder the file exists in. The file will mostly be Word, Excel and Powerpoint if this makes a difference?

I found another post that touched on this (Links/Shortcuts To Local Files With Desktop App) and tried to do what was suggested by Hannes Frank, but couldn’t get it to work.

For simplicity, I have a creates a text doc, in a folder called test on my C: drive. I have types the path into a Rem, prefixing it with file:/// and I was expecting this to create a link, but didn’t.

Any great help appreciated


Thank You

That actually worked for me (desktop app).
There’s a bug in the icon, but the link works (it opens the txt file):

However I couldn’t make it work to open a folder, or any path with spaces.

Regardless, this is quite awkward, requiring manually typing the path - ideally we should just be able to drag in files, and choose what happens - either to have them be added as links to local files, as an embed from local file (for supported formats), or as an embed copying the file to the RemNote files folder.

Thanks Ognsya.

Strange. I am using the desktop app too.
Did you simply type the path out? Did the path turn blue or anything to signify that it was a link?
My pref would be the result you got in that it just opens the file, rather than the folder.

I agree, drag and drop would be great.

I pasted it into a normal Rem, and it immediately became the way it looks in the image (a link - blue , underlined)

I haven’t tested with other file formats. I wouldn’t use it this way anyway (as my folder structure has plenty of paths with spaces in their names).

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