Links/Shortcuts To Local Files With Desktop App

I would like to be able to open other files/programs on my computer through RemNote. This doesn’t mean that I want an embedded text editor, video player, etc. In fact, I think that wouldn’t be feasible, because it would be a pain to make RemNote able to open/edit any type of file in existence :grinning:. Instead, I think RemNote should integrate links/shortcuts to locations on the local storage in a computer. Obsidian might be able to do this already (which is where I got the idea).

To me, this would help RemNote become more useful for planning/coordinating projects and creating a more extensive knowledge base.

Some things to think about when implementing this:

  • Would this be solved with a plugin or with a new native feature?
  • If one moved files around on their computer, would there be a way to keep the links intact?

I know that this could be hard to implement and would kind of start to turn RemNote into a file explorer, but I think that it is worth it.

Presentation for Biology (in RemNote) links to C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Biology\Biology_Presentation.pptx

This is similar to this thread Hyperlink handling overhaul for consistency and more intuitive use

A simple functionality to link to local files would hugely improve my workflow (let OS decide how/where to open; the equivalent of double-clicking whatever file is linked)

Other features mentioned by OP are cool too, but would be great to have the minimal functionality!

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As written here

you can link to everything that can be specified by an URL scheme. This includes

The only drawback is that since you can not edit links in RemNote you have to prepare them in another editor before pasting. One could make a plugin though where you can just drag those files into to insert the link I guess.

I’m a bit confused about those URL schemes…

I am able to insert local media files to display them within RemNote.

What I am not able to do is to just have a link to an arbitrary local file.
For example, lets say I have a PDF file in C:/pdfs

I want to be able to add that as a link in RemNote, which when clicked would just open the PDF the same way it would if I double-clicked it in Windows Explorer…

I tried doing /file, then adding the path file://C:/pdfs/mypdf.pdf and it doesn’t work (RemNote keeps trying to interpret it as a media file I guess)

I’m probably missing something obvious due to my lack of knowledge on this (as usual)

Same question with u.