March 2022 Update - RemNote 1.7.3

Hey @everyone ! :remnote:

:star2: RemNote 1.7.3 is now available for everyone! :star2:

Lot’s of new exciting features, improvements and tons of bug fixes!

New Features:
:calendar_spiral: Daily Document Top Bar
:infinity: Infinite Scrolling Daily Documents
:link: Backlinks UI Refresh
:hammer_pick: Advanced Queries
:chains: Recursive Rem References & Tags
:mag_right: Improved Search Results Prioritisation
:loudspeaker: New Dedicated Feedback Portal (check this out at
:beetle: In-app Bug Reporting (Try submitting a bug report now!)
:spider_web::scroll: Connected Papers Integration & Sponsorship

For full change-log :point_right: RemNote

Happy Learning Everyone! :remnote:


Finally, at least my search problems where solved, I’m so happy! Thanks to the team for an amazing job! :slight_smile: :pray:

Any updates on the internationalization of the Desktop App? I’m still unable to use it since most of my notes are in Spanish. Cheers!


Still can’t use queries in the Daily document folder.

I really like the update of daily note! It’s amazing! Thanks to the team!


the filter bug you mean?

Yes! If it’s opening it’s under the top dates bar. Can’t see it.

We are still working on the fix for that one, sorry!

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The current connected paper integration does not “automatically” get the file into saved link. We still have to manually download the article from other sites.

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Loving the new features! The daily notes nav – how could we live without it for so long!

Thanks so much :pray:.


Yes, it currently works only for papers from certain websites that allow for immediate grabbing. We are working on expanding the capabilities here :slight_smile:

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Exactly. Loving it so much


Anyone else’s Remnote really slow after 1.7.3 update? Was fast before, but after download it’s very slow on PC app and web app, unresponsive for many seconds on the most basic functions, been almost unusable. @Karthikk

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same here. My remnote is very slow. Initially after download it is fine…

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I’m experiencing slow down with the desktop app for documents with lots of Rems. It’s difficult to focus the cursor most of the times.

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Is it that the app is taking a long time to load after the update or are you seeing a drop in performance even after the initial load (during actual use of the app)?

hey @edhowe could you give us more details on this, please?
If you could record the screen and show us where this slowness happens through the in-app bug report feature that would be amazing!

Hey @chicken would you be interested in getting on a quick call to show what type of documents experience sluggishness? We are working on performance upgrades and would like to make sure that we are looking at all edge cases.

However, for this recent slowness could you send us a recording through the in-app bug report option too please?

same here :frowning: it’s sooo slow. quite frustrating now that I got an exam coming up in a few days :confused:

PS: This is almost unbearably frustrating!

Very sorry to hear that! We want to fix this immediately but haven’t been able to reproduce this and only a few users seem to be experiencing this drop.

Would you be willing to get on a quick call so that I could help debug and gather some necessary information for the team?

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Update: We found a minor issue that could be the cause of the sluggishness, kindly let us know if it has improved now :slight_smile: