May 2021 Beta Server 1.3.10 Update

Hey @LLL and @Pro_Users, we are finally getting back to our normal development cadence, with the new team addition and also Martin returning back from other executive duties. :fire:

Excited to get back to the fast pace of development again, our core focus is still on making the current RemNote experience more stable and reliable. Here’s the changelog for the current update:

  • Added a “toggle full width” slash command.
  • Added a “still saving” indicator that appears when your documents are still being saved. If this indicator appears and doesn’t go away, please pause work and refresh the page.
  • Improved backlink portals / search portals to remember their previous state across page reloads.
  • Fix “port 8000 in use” error that was preventing some people from logging in on the Desktop App.
  • Fixed a syncing edge case that could have led to card data not loading properly.
  • Fixed issue with the desktop app not properly opening for some users.
  • Fixed an edge case that could have led to duplicate cards being created.
  • Fixed aliases not correctly displaying in document search.
  • Fixed performance issue with the document sidebar.
  • Fixed performance issue with large databases on initial load.
  • Improved the guest mode UX.
  • Fixed the “Suspend Powerup” not always properly disabling cards.
  • Fixed an issue with the “delete” menu freezing.

I was wondering why we haven’t gotten a major update for the past two months. This resumption of the normal schedule is great news. I hope it is full steam ahead from now on


What’s the situation with Backlink references are showing sorted by date or separated by rem, how to go back? ? Still forced to use date sorting on live, any chance of porting the choice menu a little earlier?


Where should I report bug for beta server? I am unable to access the beta server after the recent update.
It looks like this even after refreshing many times. I have been trying from the day this update was released in chrome browser on a Mac. Normal server is working fine for me. This happens only on the beta server.

The notification should go away once a backend process has been completed, it might take some time depending on your KB. It’s put in place as a safety measure to prevent some rare occasions where changes weren’t being saved. We are currently working on that, and this workaround exists on the beta as a temporary means.

Just let it be for sometime and it should go away, try refreshing after that perhaps?

We are currently working on the portal redesigning and changes can be expected in the upcoming regular updates.