Multi line rem shortcuts

I like the Turn into a List Item shortcut a lot. Can we get one for multi-line rems as well? I never use the list rem, but I use the multi line rems just as much as the single rems and a shortcut would be a big productivity boost.

I want this feature too! I have wait for a long time

+1 It’s so annoying to have to move items one at a time into a multi-line card. Maybe the same shortcut could toggle a selection of multiple lines through bulleted text, list card, multi-line card?

I’m not sure that I understand, could you give an example?

(don’t expect a solution from me, it’s just that I don’t understand you request :sweat_smile:, but it seems quite basic, and is maybe something to vote on)

If you select several child items and press Ctl+Alt+L, the child items will become a list card with the parent item as the prompt. This is very convenient if you like to organize your note outline first and then decide which items you want to turn into cards. There is no similar shortcut for turning child items into a multi-line card.

I would additionally like it to be possible to convert between multi-line and list cards without losing the spaced repetition data.