Note taking with a touch pencil/pen on white board

Hi, Remnote creators, I was hoping that you could add a feature for taking notes with a stylus pen on a touch screen. I use one-note for this reason and I can handwrite my notes with a surface pen on my touch screen and do math problems, drawing, take screenshots from my lecture slides, and take notes on them. I would really appreciate it If you could add this feature.

You can either import them in (eg.: ) or, using something like Samsung or Google keyboard, handwrite with the keyboard in Remnote and have the keyboard convert it on the fly into typed text while inside RemNote. Don’t know what a Surface correspondent would be, if any.

See Apple pencil support and related topics.

I’m almost leaning towards a no with this feature.

I don’t have a apple product, So I cannot afford the other apps the person used in the video. Another thing is that uploading notes from one app to another is a hassle and might mess up your formatting. If feature of writing with a surface pen or apple pencils was in Remnotes, I could just label pictures while typing my notes on it or do math problems on it.

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Hey remnote is on fundamental level is a mixture of Notion and Anki…

So we (onenote users) would really appreciate if u could include onenote too…may be a import function of one note package to remnote…

Or something like remnote extension for onenote to create flashcard on onenote itself…and just show flash cards in that same hirarchy in remnote…ro something like that…

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The OneNote integration request has been moved to the new feedback platform, you may follow it there. The handwriting request is also available.