November 2020 Update

:sun_with_face: New November Update is now LIVE! This update comes with lots of new polishes and bug fixes for RemNote. Check out the update page for the full list of improvements.

What’s new?

Anki Importer :star:
Trash :wastebasket:
Extra Card Detail
UI/UX polishes

Oh and we have a new logo too :wink:
Thanks all!


New logo looks nice! (it is quite big in the sidebar, though that’s easy to fix in CSS)

I’m also happy to see RemNote presenting itself more as a knowledge base. The spaced repetition features are also important, of course, but should be secondary to the knowledge base part (since it’s a layer on top of that).

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have desktop (true offline mode) yet. For many of us there’s no way to really get into RN until that happens. Hopefully we’ll get that soon.


Hi, ognsya! You don’t think the WPA of Remnote is “true offline mode”? I would love to know why.

Hey @Dante_Gaxiola

Currently, you can use the app offline, but once you’re online it syncs your data to the cloud.

“True offline” means your data doesn’t go online at all. It stays in your device (local). To some of us this is important due to security/privacy concerns.

More on that here:


Hello guys… how does the the extra card detail work?

because when i type ## and write “Extra” in the field, it doesnt appear the feature ‘Extra Card Detail’ this into the bar… could someone explain me what mistake i done???

thanks for future response

See How do I find a missing power up rem?

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thanks a lot you saved my study-lifetime :smiley:


Thank you for the response, you’re definitely right, I get it. Right now I use Remnote exclusively for academic/professional work, so I’m not that worried about privacy, but I do understand the concern. The security part I guess is more easily solved with the backups, right?

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