Pin Multiple Panes to Make Workspace

New update allows multiple panes (more than 2) where we can now make create a grid or masonry layout

I can see where there may be a use where it would be nice to save where the panes are laid out to create a workspace with a pin. This way we don’t have to fiddle with the pane size each time

Additionally when we close the app & re-open it would be nice if the content within the panes were still there. As students, researchers, etc this would make workspace useful

I love the full screen per pane where if a specific pane is small it can increase quickly
It would be ideal if there were a way to zoom in on one pane when the multiple panes are open. This way if we had the grid layout we could focus on one & return to the grid after without having to manually open the panes for the grid again 1 by 1

Using the web app you can use simple bookmarks to do that: Windowed Panes In Depth