Plans for Readwise?

Are there any plans for a Readwise integration? Unfortunately I can’t seriously consider using Remnote without this. :pray:

Is there any barrier to us getting a readwise integration set up?

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I really need this feature!


I’m not sure but it looks like it’s on Readwise’s end to implement an exporter that automatically syncs into another app (like they did for Roam):

Until that happens you can play around with the a markdown export which you might be able to import, or even just directly paste into RemNote:

Customizations to the markdown format to even better fit RemNote (like done for Roam here: could be implemented by the communtiy. E.g. to turn some highlights into flashcards etc.


Would you know of any workarounds to auto-import a downloaded readwise markdown file into remnote?

I asked Readwise if they would add a Remnot export and they responded to say that RemNote has reached out to ask about adding an integration with their API. Anyone from Remnote have an ETA on this feature?


This is a killer feature, on of the most important as readwise is the best “glue” system for content (books, podcast, instapaper, etc)


Just a heads up that Obsidian has ReadWise integration now through a plugin. ReadWise have an API that it taps into - it didn’t require ReadWise to do anything.


most others have by now at least attempted a solution.

I was able to export from readwise and then import via markdown relatively easily. But along the same line of reasoning, if you can already grab markdown out of readwise (and I assume you can do this programatically via api), then it seems fairly straightforward to build an integration. Or maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye?


I reached out to the readwise team if they had plans foe Integration with remnotes and they said :

The Remnote team hasn’t gotten around to deciding how they’d like to implement an integration :confused: If you’d like to give them a little nudge, feel free to reach out to their support team at requesting the integration.

In the meantime, exporting to Markdown is the currently the only option at this time.

Could someone from remnotes team please clarify your stand on this?

Today, I was glad to hear that the Remnote team are working on an Apple Books highlight importer. For me, this means I won’t need the extra step of fussing with Readwise.

Hey! Thanks for sharing, we have been trying to get in touch with them but we haven’t been able to get a solid answer regarding this from then, for a native integration from their side.

Meanwhile, now that they opened their API we might attempt to build a plugin ourselves :slight_smile:

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based on their email to me recently, the ball is on your end so to speak, i.e., it’s up to the remnote team.

not sure what to expect now

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Honestly we are not sure what they mean by that as based on our earlier correspondence with their team (this was before they released the API), they informed us that they would get back to us regarding native integration. Maybe since the API is out, they simply expect other apps to build their own integrations using that?

Nevertheless, we do plan to use the API to build a plugin for integration ourselves in the near future.


Maybe you can reach out to them again and there may be some misunderstanding?


This is currently my last blocker to migrate back from roam-research again.
Readwise Integration is a must-have.

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I am in the same boat. I really can’t fully make the move until this is in place. Now that I’ve had the Readwise experience with my current note taking I refuse to do without it.

As I mentioned here, there is a integration planned for RemNote! However, there is no scheduled release date and plans can change. I thought to relay this information to this thread anyway. I’m sure we’ll all be updated when the time is appropriate.


looks like this is gonna happen soon! based on Readwise email/tweet


Can you share this with us please? I don’t receive their emails and couldn’t find the tweet.