Plans for Readwise?

Are there any plans for a Readwise integration? Unfortunately I can’t seriously consider using Remnote without this. :pray:

Is there any barrier to us getting a readwise integration set up?

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I really need this feature!

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I’m not sure but it looks like it’s on Readwise’s end to implement an exporter that automatically syncs into another app (like they did for Roam):

Until that happens you can play around with the a markdown export which you might be able to import, or even just directly paste into RemNote:

Customizations to the markdown format to even better fit RemNote (like done for Roam here: could be implemented by the communtiy. E.g. to turn some highlights into flashcards etc.


Would you know of any workarounds to auto-import a downloaded readwise markdown file into remnote?

I asked Readwise if they would add a Remnot export and they responded to say that RemNote has reached out to ask about adding an integration with their API. Anyone from Remnote have an ETA on this feature?


This is a killer feature, on of the most important as readwise is the best “glue” system for content (books, podcast, instapaper, etc)


Just a heads up that Obsidian has ReadWise integration now through a plugin. ReadWise have an API that it taps into - it didn’t require ReadWise to do anything.


most others have by now at least attempted a solution.

I was able to export from readwise and then import via markdown relatively easily. But along the same line of reasoning, if you can already grab markdown out of readwise (and I assume you can do this programatically via api), then it seems fairly straightforward to build an integration. Or maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye?