Please vote on features you like! πŸ‘

We have a ton of Feature Requests in this forum, but very few of them have votes. Some even have 0, which means not even the author voted (which can happen for users who post a lot).

I suppose most of you are probably not actively posting. But if you can, please vote on features you like. This is the best way for devs to know what the community wants.


Also, unvote for the ones that have been implemented already (so you can use the votes elsewhere).

For example:
17 wasted votes here

I still had a vote here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually Moderators should close implemented features which refunds all votes (staff topic: Close implemented features to return votes). Marking a solution does not do this because it is a different dicourse plugin.


I think they should redesign the vote button. Right now, it isn’t obvious enough. Once it’s designed in the right visual hierarchy, then it would be easier for people to naturally find it and vote.

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For where to vote, here it is :point_right:
This is the link to the sorted view of Feature Request list, giving you hot requests that are more likely to
interest people and being voted for.
(for example, the top two is table view and search query)

Dose devs listen our votes ? (I can not tell who is dev)


Thanks for bringing up this suggestion! We do use the # of votes on the feature request as a signal of need. These votes do often correlate with what we had on our internal planning roadmap, but they’re still useful to 1) make us aware of blindspots and 2) automatically get a lot of great suggestions organized in one place. If you scroll through the recent updates, you may notice many are features that have had a lot of upvotes :wink: (due to a mix of causation and correlation).


How do we unvote for something?

Once you vote, the blue button turns into β€œVoted”. Click it. Then click the β€œRemove Vote” option.