Queue of dark mode of new UI is bad

This white backlight is killing my eyes because i dont like to waste electricity on lighting (in my room) when i am memorizing stuff; please make a proper dark mode rather than a colour inverter; i know that takes time but atleast revert the background to what it was like before


and why doesn’t this forum have a dark mode?

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go to preferences > interface > theme > choose dark

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thnx a lot; it looks worse than before with an excessively warm tone but the white background is now dark blue and thats all i need for now; thnx a lot

Make sure RemNote’s native dark mode is turned off and Dark reader is set to Dynamic mode, then play around with its contrast settings.

yeah i tweaked stuff a bit and its okayish now; thnx again

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Also the colors in the pdfs when using dark mode are inverted so the picture become really awkward to look at when im studying uploaded pdfs. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This got me so excited but it turns out to cause problems in more often-used features. With this, the auto search menu when I select a word or type [[ has black-on-black text.

Forum search is your friend.