Queue shows the References/In Document info [with Backward Cards] (v1.4 on Safari on iPadOS15)

A card is showing me the references portal below the question. Not on v 1.3

Please note that the card is actually in Portal inside the folder I am practising. It is not shown with other cards.


Is it possible to automatically have the references closed when a flashcard is shown? Quit often the stuff that is in the references is giving away the answer to the question.

The answer to the flashcard is Modularity, which is referenced to in the card about Fodor. If I click the triangle it is out of sight, but I would like to have it closed when the card shows up so I can’t see the answer. Or to not have the references in the card at all?

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This bug is in all Platforms

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Same bug in Windows, as already noted.

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