Release date for ios app

Are there any estimates when the iPhone and iPad apps are releasing? Doesn‘t have to be specific at all, estimates like in 6 months, a year from now or whatever are enough


Yes, it would be great to have a iOS app

Piling on here - I think that most folks using the tool at this point know there are resource constraints and building an ios app to handle this functionality is not a simple task. So I don’t think anyone is going to expect a hard delivery date or you to even stick to the estimate you put out now. However, having some transparency around when this could happen on a very rough time scale seems like a reasonable ask - 1H21? 2H21? 2022? 2025?

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I can confirm that the planned release date for the iOS app is late 1H21/ early 2H21, the main variable being the level of polish.


Awesome and understood. Thank you !!

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