Release date for ios app?

Are there any estimates when the iPhone and iPad apps are releasing? Doesn‘t have to be specific at all, estimates like in 6 months, a year from now or whatever are enough


Yes, it would be great to have a iOS app

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Piling on here - I think that most folks using the tool at this point know there are resource constraints and building an ios app to handle this functionality is not a simple task. So I don’t think anyone is going to expect a hard delivery date or you to even stick to the estimate you put out now. However, having some transparency around when this could happen on a very rough time scale seems like a reasonable ask - 1H21? 2H21? 2022? 2025?


I can confirm that the planned release date for the iOS app is late 1H21/ early 2H21, the main variable being the level of polish.


Awesome and understood. Thank you !!

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@Karthikk What’s the latest on this?


Here’s the email response I got from the support team for anyone that is curious. Apparently they went from sharing the release date with users to not sharing the release date with no explanation that I can find.

"Thanks for reaching out. There is no release date for the iOS App yet (we are working towards it). The RemNote Web App should work with Mobile Apple Devices. We recommend using Google Chrome as a Browser. Do let me know if you are facing any issues. "

This was written by Gabriela but there are a number of those on there so not sure which one to mention here. @Karthikk (or Gabriela if you’re reading this) can you share why you are no longer providing a release date? I think it goes without saying that there are a lot of folks who would appreciate being kept up to date on progress.

Sorry about the confusion here :slight_smile: We do not have a streamlined timeline in place for the releases (we are changing that soon!). The iOS app timeline was released publicly due to popular request, and it was a one time thing that we did. You won’t find a release date from us, for any other feature. So what you heard from @Gabriela.AD was more of a generic reply to all release date requests. Apologies!


  • The previously quoted timeline is still the plan.
  • The current focus is on releasing the Redesigned RemNote App
  • The next focus becomes the revamping of the mobile experience and the iOS app will be developed in parallel with that.

Thanks for the clarification and transparency - much appreciated. And great to know 1H21 / early 2H21 is still the plan!

Any news? :eyes:
preferably before october :wink:

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Hi remnote team,
as web based access to remnote with chrome does not work reliable any more (e.g. ##, !! and other shortcuts do not work for me any more - in Safari most seems to work) it would be great to have the iOS app soon.
Remnote is really cool and I love it. iOS app is the only major thing missing.


Thanks for the great UI update on the 1.4 release! But really need an iOS app to complement it. @Karthikk Are we weeks or months away from an iOS app release ?


Any news now that we’ve gone live with the redesign? It will be great to have an iOS app before the end of the year.


waiting here to for a release on ios

Is there plans to develop an iOS app in the near future? I really like the app for my notes but I really prefer using my iPad to study on.

Hopefully we get one soon.

Using it as a PWA is okay but it’s slow and not optimized. I’ve been trying to use it but it’s super frustrating that I just go back to using it on the laptop

Would you please give us a rough estimate on how far your progress is on the IOs App? I would really like to stay with Remnote and I understand that you might not have the same resources as Obsidian or Roam - but please be more proactive with the community. It’s really frustrating only hoping for some progress and not seeing much over months. Maybe a roadmap would be good for the community. Not even with fixed dates but rough estimates like: short/long term/released with next update.


Also interested in an iOS app

The roadmap may be found in the documentation.


Thank you! That’s what I was looking for. Now we only need to know how “short term” is defined :slight_smile: