Release date for ios app?

I too would really like to know when the iOS app is coming out. It’s been a while since anything was said about it and would like even just a rough ETA

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You may track the progress on the new roadmap.


I really need this app soon for my upcoming exams and assignments. I have been waiting patiently for a long while now, but now, I’m starting to really need it. Please release some update(s) for reassurance!!! It would be of mine and probably many other’s best interests!!!


In November you provided us with a photo of the iOS app and still we haven’t heard anything concrete. Yes, the roadmap is fine but can you please share some progress with us? This community is growing, the app looks very nice and I still consider it even though Obsidian is progressing much faster. The fundamental idea of Remnote is still genius! But please try to communicate more openly - there really is no disadvantage to that…

Thank you!


Why we dont have early version for IOS app yet. IOS app is a P0 request why still other features get prioritised over this. I would really want to have IOS app as mobile device remains with you all the time and if all the important notes are there in the app it make to have the app. I am still able to use browser but it doesnt have cache and loading all the rems every time takes long time.


I second this so much. Anything from the remnote team would be helpful. There are a lot of other competing apps out there but I chose to stick with RemNote but seeing the updates and communication from the team from other apps makes me feel sad that RemNote keeps us guessing so much! Logseq is very active with their community. I don’t need to compare but yeah.


This question was asked 20 days back and still no reply from the Remnote team!
This is especially disheartening for life long learners who have paid a lot of money

Anyone who wishes to be notified of the progress may subscribe to the relevant feature request on the feedback platform.