RemNote 1.4 - the Redesign update is here for all Pro and Life-Long Learners!

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes we are working on the new videos and tutorials as well :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what we wanted to hear :wink: This update is all about improving QOL for existing users and reducing the learning curve for new users. Thanks for validating! <3



I just had a first look on the beta server. Wow, this is an amazing update. I really like the new clean UI.
The tabs above seperating the various sources? I love it. It gives me a good overview.
I noticed that on a document that has PDF uploaded, the pdf’s are not visual at the top (sources), but if I click on a rem that is linked to that pdf it shows up as normal. So it still works, it’s just that you don’t see the names of the linked pdf’ anymore on the top of the document (sources).

I’m just a novice, non technical user, and the new interface is more intuitive. I can’t comment on technical issues (yet).

Bravo to the RemNote team. and the update is just in time for the new academic year :slight_smile:


will there be more features available to life long learners than pro users?

So I’ve been using the beta for a whole day, and literally all of the pages that gave me problems before (laggy, messy-looking) are so smooth I don’t wanna go back :joy:. Can’t wait for the stable version! For now I’m making the full switch to the beta server lol


feel free to use the beta server for daily use :slight_smile:


The only difference between LL and Pro is access to alpha versions in addition to beta. Currently, 1.4 is on both alpha and beta after being only on alpha for a bit.

what about when the stable version comes out?

The stable version will be for everyone. Next (big) update will again (likely) go through alpha (LL only) to beta (LL and Pro) to stable (everyone). This update doesn’t add any features that Pro-only. No update will add features that are LL only (as they are functionally Pros except for access to alpha).


yes, the main features is that it relieves you from looking at any other pkb app for the rest of your life :joy:
jokes aside there is not feature-difference, it’s just it’s more cost-efficient than the other plans

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Do we have to manually redownload the desktop app? or it will update automatically?

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Please put the Exit Queue somewhere to the right or at the bottom of the screen.

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it will update by itself


Looking great! I’m really enjoying the update so far. Big fan of the new portal design as well.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Do the PDFs appear in the source bar in that document on the main If so they should appear in the same way here. Please let me know if that’s not the case.

Is the update automatic? I am a pro user and everything seems to be the same.

Apperently, they don’t appear on the main either:

They do appear in the windows desktop app:

Looks pretty clean and feels smooth. It was worth waiting for the last few months. :heart_eyes:


I submitted some issues with the new version, but also wanted to praise it – I don’t want to sound too complainy! Many nice touches and larger aspects updated!