Remnote not responding and freezing

Hello!. I have a problem whit remnote. When I click on my document where has hashtag ,get freezing.
I have asimilar problem when click on the cluster in queue.

I delete all cache and close my session but the problem persist.Even happens whit the app.
I would like to help me.

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I seem to have similar problems. Lots of freezing lately, when I use the queue, especially on Android mobile app and mobile browser, but also Mac App.
Furhtermore a wrong amount of cards left is shown, then, after quite some waiting, when I am lucky, I get asked a lot of the same questions a second time.
And even if does not completely freeze, you sometimes need to wait half a minute or so until the next card comes in the queue.
Anyone else suffering the same issues?

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The inconsistent queue size and duplicated questions might be the same issue being discussed here: Documenting issues related to inconsistencies in the Queue Behaviour - #52 by steveaw

Yep my queue keeps freezing, takes 5mins ish to jump forward to the next card. Faster to quit the Mac app and reload.
Also I never see any of my cloze cards or image occlusion in my queue


I have the same problem. Anyone has a solution?

Yes, i have the same problem but when i try to delete some rem. smh

This bug was fixed recently, kindly check the beta server and let us know if you guys are still facing this issue!