Rems not being found in search


I was writing some text and entered [[John Smith]] and hit ctrl-enter to create a new rem. Now when I search for John Smith using ctrl-O this Rem is not found and I’m prompted to create a new rem again.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ?


I didn’t find which step you did wrong, and I can find John Smith by doing what you said. So… it should be a bug

This surely shouldn’t be happening! Could you pls try this again and see if you are not able to find rems altogether.

It could’ve been a very discrete event where you might not have created the Rem due to some reason. There shouldn’t be any other reason why you can’t find this rem again.

Additionally, are you assuming that it’s lost because it let’s/ prompts you to create a new Rem with that name? because that’s totally normal as you can create multiple rems with the same string of text. If you have a lot of John or Smith in your database, it might just be somewhere in the drop down.

Kindly let us know what the case is, so that we could further investigate this. Thanks for reaching out!

I will try to repeat it but I think you have some bugs in your indexing. I’ve also noticed that if I move a rem from a parent and make it a top level rem then it claims that it is still referenced in the old parent. Both this and the issue of not being able to find recently created rems go away if you log out and log in again which I presume forces a rebuild of the cache. I’ll have a go tomorrow to see if I can get a repeatable case for you. I know intermittent bugs are a bugger to track down.

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Yes, exactly! Thank you for understanding and highly appreciate all the help in reproducing this.