Roam Import causes tons of duplicates - can't fix

I imported most of my Roam graph after seeing the first import create thousands of duplicates. I decided to import just a few key pages. It still created duplicates, but it was a bit more manageable. But I found a major problem that I can’t fix:

Upon import it marks everything imported as a document. But that sometimes creates a duplicate. So if I had a page where I mentioned I was reading [[Atomic Habits]], it creates a new page blank page for Atomic Habits and it also imported a “document” called Atomic Habits as well. These two can’t merge unless I get the imported “document” turn it into a “top level rem” and then Remnote goes, “Oh hey, you have a duplicate. Do you want to merge them?”

The problem is that when I try to select all my imported documents to turn them into top level rems, it only turns the first document selected into a top level rem. So when you import Roam or just markdown files in general, you end up with a massive amount of broken links because the links to pages are not going to the document, which has all the content, it’s pointing to a new blank page which has the document in the references section. Not until you turn that document into a top level rem can you merge it with the blank page and the links will work. There’s just no way to turn all imported documents into Top Level Rems in one quick motion. Select All and Move and then Turn Into Top Level Rem doesn’t work. It only works on the first document.

I would love to hear anything from the team on how to fix this. It’s got to make it hard to import from Roam with this. Hopefully there’s something I’m missing.

I’ve asked this question in different places including on Discord and have received absolutely no responses. Please help me out. I love the app and want to use it.

Anyone? Can someone from RemNote at least acknowledge my problem? I can’t get a response anywhere.