September 2021 Update - The Redesigned RemNote 1.4

Hey @everyone :remnote: ! Launch Day is finally here :star_struck:

We’re answering questions all day on Product Hunt - come join!

:remnote: A Fresh New RemNote to begin our PowerPacked journey "Building the world’s best All-in-one Tool for Learning & Thinking "

:desktop: A New Domain - Check out the New Branding and Landing Page at

:partying_face: The Update is now live for everyone (desktop apps are being rolled out as we speak and will reach you incrementally)

:mega: We are now backed by an incredible team of VC and Angels who have helped us raise a Seed Round of $2.8M. We couldn’t be more thrilled!
Read more about the Vision and Plan for RemNote by our CEO Martin, here - RemNote

:mechanical_arm: Want to support us? We are Live on Product Hunt to show our Redesigned App and Announce our Funding Round. Come share your experience and feedback here (every upvote and feedback counts towards our growth) : RemNote - The all-in-one tool for thinking and learning | Product Hunt

:people_holding_hands: Want to meet the team? We are streaming a LIVE YouTube call at 2PM ET today. It will be an AMA session, if you have questions for us, kindly post them beforehand here: Upcoming Live AMA session with the RemNote Team :). You can sign-up here for the call waitlist : RemNote V1.4 Redesign : Community Call - YouTube

A huge thanks to all our testers and supporters. We have fixed most of the bugs reported by you, and are working on fixing the rest ASAP. You can expect much faster bug fixing and polishing from now :slight_smile:


WOW, congurations! Team.
Want to join to get the exciting news, but it will start at 24th, Sep, 2am in my region. I could only watch the video. ::

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love the redesign! feels like a yuuuge improvement over the previously slightly awkward and clunky feel of remnote. can’t wait to see what’s next!

I can’t study documents full of image occlusion. The app crashes after a few image occlusions. This happens with the desktop app, web page and also in android app too. This really makes all the image occlusions i made useless.
I hoped the new update would fix it but nothing changed in this regard. But everything else is dope.

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I see there are no changes to the pricing plans.

Can you confirm this means there is no intention in introducing more pricing options in near future?

In my case, I want to pay once, to use local only (much less than $300, as not using servers).

I love the new update but I’m having problems with some of my CSS (especially with tables) :c


I’m wondering about this as well

(beginner to remnote) I’m wondering if there’s a way I can leave the shortcuts tab open in a split pane on the right side of my screen while still working on my notes on the left pane

before it worked precisely like this, but now it seems the ctrl alt shift H command just opens a popup of the shortcuts that closes when clicking on anything else on the screen: not very helpful

otherwise it seems like a really great update :slight_smile:

This update is pretty great! Hope the remnote become better, and I think there should be more language support for app such as Chinese interface support, if doing this ,there will be more people willing to pay for the software.


Congrats Remnote team! I am a pre-dental student doing a posbacc program. I’ve been a remnote user since around the time when it was first starting out and I tell everyone about you guys! so so excited for whats to come! thank you for all the hard work and making my studying so much more enjoyable!


congrats on your update! but split screen doesn’t work and I can’t make image occlusion for some reasons… also some keyboard shortcuts overlap with the ones from Apple, it would be nice that would be taken into consideration when making shortcuts (it’s cmd + M → closes all windows in apple, when I want to merge all image occlusions)

please update that soon! I love using remnote and i can’t really study without it anymore haha

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This update is wonderful ! Fixed problems I didn’t realise I had !


I can’t seem to get Kanban to work in 1.4. I’m following this. I set the tags and the CSS, but nothing happens. This is the second data-rem-container-tags thing I’ve tried in 1.4 that doesn’t work. Maybe the structure or tags are different now?

Anyone also did not get an update in his Desktop app?

I got one automatically but I didn’t want it! You and I are inverted! Too bad.