Upcoming Live AMA session with the RemNote Team :)

Hey everyone :partying_face: !

We are finally ready to start the countdown for the Launch of the Redesign Update! :slight_smile:

Happy to announce that there will a Product Hunt Launch this Thursday (the 23rd of September), along with a Live Community Call with all the Team Members :star_struck:

We would love to answer all your queries during the Live call, and to make sure we have all the answers kindly post any question that you might probably have regarding RemNote - the company or the product, here below and we will sincerely try our best to come up with answers for them all :slight_smile:

P.S. We will likely closely the topic a few hours before the call so that we have some time to go through them all and provide quality answers.

P.P.S If you prefer text, we will also be hanging out in Product Hunt on the Launch Day answering to all user queries, please feel free to leave us your honest opinions and feedback there. (Link will be share soon)

Excited for the Launch Day, wish us luck everyone! Thank you all for the tremendous support, especially our @LLL and @Pro_Users who have been giving us extensive feedback and bug reports for the new app :heart:


Congratulations, RN team.
Please kindly add the timezone like UTC or GMT and start time. :: we want to join it too.
I love RemNote, and our community love it too.

Some questions we appreciate from our community:

  1. Support more payment methods, like Alipay or WeChat pay or integrate with 3rd party payment tools.
  2. i18n for UI and docs. Please kindly push them into Github, then the community could help to translate them
  3. Plugins: could the more-friendly plugin system in develop process like Roam research or obsidian
  4. Marketplace: will there a plugin and theme marketplace?
  5. Road map for features like other apps, for example the roadmap for cubox, refer https://cubox.canny.io/, will RN follow some roadmaps like this?
  6. e-book support more formats like epub, and should improve load speed and logic, it always download full pdf when change its width.
  7. mobile browser friendly portal should be considered, it is a better solution before the native app published.

Hi, I’ve check roadmap of cubox.canny.io. Is it the same as Kanban Board?

Love your request, absolutely what I’m expecting RN to have.

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Yes, it likes kanban board, and all registered APP users could create new requests in backlogs or upvote existed requests in kanban. And the developers team will review all requests and pick some from the backlogs to Under Review.

  1. Please share an active roadmap with approximate deadlines like the one logseq uses

2)Any plans to update the android mobile app soon or create a progressive web app that allows backlinking on mobile?

3)Any plans to update the pdf reader with features like Ocr, or the ability to draw on the pdf? Supporting EPUB?

4)plans to incorporate non text information - like mind maps? Perhaps in an interface similar to your knowledge graphs?
Images and drawing?
5)Future of list feature introduced in latest update- if it could evolve like notions databases that move between lists,kanban boards,tables,calender seamlessly

  1. Information about data security in remnotes ?Do you have a data security measures wiki? Have you been audited by an independent security firm?Has there ever been a data leak and do you have a disclosure policy if it occurs? More concerns elaborated in thread

7)Is remnotes financially sustainable at this point?If not how far is it from being financially sustainable?Are you burning a lot of cash?Have you experienced adequate user and revenue growth to make it a going concern? Objectively.

8)Why is the hiring process so slow? Since I joined I see 11 vacancies

9)Is remnotes planning to reintroduce the community similar to anki where it was possible to share study material with everyone? preferably it can act like a marketplace and a single destination to find and install plugins and css scripts for non Technical user?

10)What features of other note taking apps do you admire? Do you plan to incorporate them in near future? Please note that both are separate questions and you can go with a no

11)How can remnote community better support you?

12)What you don’t do defines you better than you do

Anti models are more powerful than role models

Based on these - what is not a part of your vision? What is remnotes the company and the software never willing to be/do?

Ps - pls share a transcript of ama/answers to questions via text also for those who cannot join the video AMA


Could you please say the time and time zone of the Community Call and give detailed information of how to access and participate (for someone who have never attended before and don’t even know what Product Hunt is, neigther Discord, etc)?


Hi RemNote team, I love the idea of RemNote & plan on using it as my only PKM tool, however with great power comes great responsibility;

  1. Since a lot of the users are students & use RemNote for studying for their exams, it is very important for this tool to be stable. The redesign is really awesome & it introduced a lot of changes, but still, the app is full of bugs like, image occlusion not working & other basic stuff that can make or break the workflow.
    So I would like to know the ETA for a stable RemNote

  2. Improved graph view
    The current graph view is not of much use & doesn’t look that good as well (when compared to obsidian)

  3. Update schedule going forwards

  4. More tutorials

RemNote is a fantastic idea & with the new redesign things have improved a lot, really looking forward to what it becomes!


I would like to second the ask for an improved graph view :slight_smile:

First of all, I would like to cheer you for this new version, and for the whole idea of RemNote. I met myself with RemNote a little less than a year ago. I am amazed how things have grown fastly since there. For me, I reluctantly changed my workflow from Anki to RemNote (even though I still have to review my Anki material there, as it is impossible or impracticable to move my Anki collection entirely to RemNote), and soon I became an eager learner of RemNote, and since about February all my new material is done exclusively in RemNote environment.

Anki was an almost perfect manager of Spaced Repetition. Even though not friendly in the beginning, it has many ways of managing your decks, precisely filtering the cards you want, selectively altering the schedule behavior for the desired cards, having meaningful statistics of your progress, and so on. But there was also a nightmare: knowledge is not something fixed, unchangeable, but is alive; it is a complex network of interconnected pieces, and in Anki cards (or “notes”) where individual pieces that could not talk to each other. When, after making many cards, I realized other material was somehow interconnected, or that something was wrong, finding all cards affected by that and replacing content in fields with extra material was a very difficult, time-consuming task, that would yet not achieve the goal of relating pieces of knowledge.

RemNote complemented Anki perfectly in this regard. And that’s why I changed my workflow to RemNote as soon as I got sufficient trust in RemNote. Backlinking things, inserting pins with extra material and images easily accessible when reviewing cards, all this is absolutely unique in RemNote and an awesome achievement you did! Thanks for that!

But I still feel that, probably because many RemNote users not even use flashcards, being interested only in other features, Spaced Repetition still is not receiving sufficient care. It is yet far from being as stable as Anki; thousands of features to manage our schedule and our cards that exist in Anki and are very powerful and necessary (especially when you have old material, like cards with 2 years or more interval, for example) are absent in RemNote.

I see as totally comprehensible, as you are doing a huge effort to launch the business and make it somehow stable, preparing yourselves for further steps. Additionally, Spaced Repetition is not for all body. It is for few. It requires absolute commitment. Sometimes is looks like a terrible slavery, and it is hard not to give up on it. We need to be very persistent to stay there. As people say, SR makes a choice, not a chance, to remember things. But the price is still steep! Not many RemNote users will indeed use flashcards to its full extent.

This being said, I would like to ask you a few things, to know if it is in your radar or Roadmap to implement these things in RemNote :

  1. ability to choose how much (percentage) overdueness will increase the next interval (I see that, using Anki SM-2, the fact of reviewing a card much later than scheduled, like in Anki, increases the interval a lot!). I would suggest a field in the setting for choosing how much the days of overdueness will cause the next interval to be increased;
  2. ability to reduce Interval growth for very mature cards. The maximum interval in not sufficient to deal with these very mature cards; it acts the same way for everything, disregarding its ease factor, times “easy” have been pressured, etc. Having a way of slightly lowering the interval for cards with an interval superior to a given limit would be very good.
  3. ability to enable burying of cards of the same Rem, especially clozes of the same Rem, as explained here.
  4. ability to reschedule specific cards, setting the due date or the desired new interval, when you feel, for any reason (like because you are very late in the schedule or have just seen the topic elsewhere, but knows that if you haven’t you would not remember the content) [called “set due date” in Anki].
  5. ability to make a card New again (reset your schedule), or a Rem and all its descendants, when you gave up of the content and now understand that you have to restart from the beginning, and not in the proposed interval.
  6. Power Up Rem to indicate that the hierarchy should not be exhibited in the queue for that Rem (avoiding spoillers or hints that make too easy to recall the card). Like explained here.

Thank you guys!


A minor change to the algorithm now makes sure every interval presented is distinct. Previously “Recalled with effort” and “Recalled immediately” would have the same intervals while testing a card for the first time and this caused some confusion to beginners.

  1. Do you update the android app as well regarding the change mentioned above? Because we need the same behaviour on desktop and mobile.
  2. When do we get more Tutorial (Videos)? The learning curve is steep, but I would really like to learn more.
  3. When do we get a Roadmap and what will be your update schedule in the future?
  4. What programming language do you use to make RemNote?
  5. Are you looking for interns?
  6. Will there be a discount for a RemNote Pro subscription to celebrate the new update? :wink:
  7. When do you plan more integrations with other apps? (Readwise, Google Keep etc.)
  8. Do we get a home screen widget for android to quick capture notes and thoughts easily?
  9. Will there be a way to change the default save folder for the RemNote Web Clipper?
  10. Can you make it possible on mobile to clip articles in the browser via the “share” menu?

Thanks a lot for your great work! I just recently discovered RemNote so I am still learning. But this has the potential to be life-changing. With the new UI/UX you moved a big stepping stone out of the way and this is a blessing, because the old UI/UX was the main weakness of RemNote I think.

So thanks again! I am really looking forward to make RemNote a part of my life and to be an active member of your community! :slight_smile:


Hello remnote team:

  1. Will you finally communicate about the problems linked to the core function of remnote aka spaced repetition aka the queue? When will you fix it?
  2. What about data loss, it seems that even after the revamp there still are, can you give us some guarantee that the problem will be tackled in the future?
  3. What about the buggy syncing between the mobile app and computer or different machine?
  4. Do you plan to have some collaboration with other app in the future?
  5. Are you going to offer/to gift something to all the people who stayed with you during the complete blackout (no communication / no fix / no update) period ?
  6. Can you tell us about some other exemplary app developement you may aim at?
  7. Will your twitter account be something different than a bot?

Good luck for the future!

Hey all, check the new bulletin post for more details about the AMA session!

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Please share AMA summary :slight_smile:


Question: How to view total cards studied?
Unlike Anki, I find it difficult to gauge what percentage of the content I have studied. The statistics does not work for the desktop browser

I’m so close to purchasing the full version of remnote, but there are a couple things Id like to ask first.
My main dream, wish, and desire for remnote is for it to be integrated to an app that I can draw on, IE Apple Pencil or Microsoft stylus. That would be just about the best app in the world and I would totally use it over notability and Anki combined!
Just another nerdy med student :slight_smile:

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hey! Drawing/ Whiteboarding is definitely on our long-term roadmap and we strongly feel that multiple modalities of input will be required to build a truly wholesome thinking tool.