Show number of text references to the side (Like linked references)

Currently, you can see the number of references to a rem while in the editor like such:

to the right, with a “link” icon.

But if we can also see the number of text references to a rem as well, that way we can actually figure out newer connections, instead of searching for them using the current process that goes a lot like this:

  1. Zoom into the rem
  2. Open the search portal at the bottom to see the text references (if any)
  3. Make connections (references) as desired

Now, given the current functionality to add a search portal listing the references to a rem (not while zoomed in) like such:

the same thing when done with text references is going to make the connection making process so much easier. We can completely forget about step 1 mentioned above.

And now imagine, you just made a rem, say “Nucleus”, and instantly a number like 7 pops up to the right, and you realize you’ve mentioned Nucleus 7 times before, but you don’t know where (!!) So you open up the search portal and make a few references (and feel a whole lot happier :wink:).

P.S. This feature should pair with This feature to make a perfect duo.