Convert every text-reference into a Rem Reference function

I think this was mentioned somewhere else and also alluded to here, but I would like to know who would be interested in this function.

Secondly, It would be interesting to hear what would be the most intuitive place or interaction for such a function.

One idea would be to place it here:

Lastly, do you know of other Rem-like editors that have this function?, perhaps we can learn from those:)

Would absolutely :100: love this function

As for other apps Roam Research has it
It makes things so fluid

I try to use references and tags only deliberately to connect rem where I think I possibly might want such a connection in the future. For example if I often use a term in a subtree I just use the reference in the or a few key ideas. I don’t know if that is a good idea but I hope to keep backlinks relatively clutter free.

So I essentially use references as high quality backlinks and text references as low quality ones.

As a result I’d like to have the option to individually reference text occurances, i.e. to change a low quality link to a high quality one selectively. You could for example add the link button behind head blue background line as well or do something on hover.

Note that there is another flavor of “convert all text-references to a rem reference”, namely converting all, different text snippets on a single page to a corresponding reference.
For Roam Research there is the Unlink Finder which does that:

Mindforger also does autolinking:

This IMO also an important function to surface connections because you usually don’t know for what concepts you already have taken notes. I would call them “forward links” analogous to backward links.

Again I would not just convert everything automatically. Maybe there should be a toggle to autolink the references temporarily with a command in the reference context menu to make them permanent.

For symmetry there should be also an option to remove a reference, both in text and in a search portal (which might use the same UI).
This could be integrated in the context menu or be a button above the hover preview.

Regarding the button placement I probably would swap it with the refresh button because the refresh form a unit with the search input.


I have pretty much the same opinion. Converting ever single reference with one click may reduce the usefulness of this feature. I like Obsidian’s implementation in which it shows all the Unlinked Mentions and upon hovering on any of those mentions there comes a button called ‘Link’. Clicking on Link converts that particular text to a reference. In an ideal world, there should be an option to convert all text references to rem references (for highly specific words or terms this will be handy) and a way to do this on individual basis like in Obsidian (for generic words/terms this will be handy)


I agree that it would be even better to be able to convert a specific text reference to a Rem, instead of all of them. In some instances, there is no why to convert a text reference to a Rem.

I use Roam Research all the time & find this to be one of the most powerful features. As others have mentioned sometimes you don’t want all text references being linked up but the key is that you can do more than 1 at a time. Being able to turn one, several (select ones want) or all can add quite a bit of fluidity

Often one is writing & does not realize it is important enough to create as a reference. If you visit later & realize you have an endless list to change over it becomes counter productive. One click you’re on your way is great

If you’re in a certain use case you might always be in a situation where you know what is important. So linking intentionally is easy to do. If you are using as a PKM then what you don’t think is important now some times changes priority & realize you want to explore. This feature allows you to be free as you know you can change your mind later if you need to

Also, with the state of the mobile ATM, this could be handy. To my knowledge you cannot link up existing rems in mobile, only make new ones. I realize some people don’t need mobile but there are some of us who are not always working in a physical office where mobile is the only access pt when not at home. If using mobile there is a good chance you are jotting things down & later (when home) creating references, etc. This feature would let you go home & with one click connect & move on with your day. I would be referring to the multi select option as well the all text option vs the all or nothing approach


Athens research does this as shown in the video in this tweet

Agreed that we would not want it as an auto link feature but one that you click

Similar to what you are talking about in Obsidian in Roam Research there is a backlinked area that shows all of your unlinked references (what RN would call text references)

At the top there is a “link all” section but you can also scroll down & click just the one you want to “link” or several if that is your need.

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This is a good feature to have in certain cases, yes.
But as @Badjer said, perhaps also having a simpler one click way to change those text references into links is required. Selecting the text, then hitting [ and typing the link is a process too long, and it could just be done by clicking or double clicking on the text reference. I mean, it’s already highlighted.


Sudden idea. :star_struck:
If this gets to be a feature, shouldn’t there be a way to undo that somehow?
Some way to turn all links to text references.

Would be useful when:

  • I want to do consilidation (where I have to erase granular information and make rem with a higher level in the hierarchy) and references to the rem I delete or rename won’t make sense.
  • I reorganize some part of my knowledgebase to reorder a few things, which require lots of renaming.

Seems easy to first turn all links into text, then do the renovation. And THEN maybe relink some words later. Better if I rediscover them, gives a dopamine boost.

Right now, there is a way to do both linking and unlinking manually, doing that in bulk is just harder :sweat:. Waiting for the release!

Yes, exactly.
There should be a way to unlink text, just like there is a way to link it. And we should also be able to do that in bulk (or batch. Whatever you call it)

I guess when I said manual, I meant VERY manual…

second this also, I think that’s an important feature indeed. No one possibly can remember every page he’s ever created and can or will type [[every time]].

Auto-Linking would be a way but that could lead to a lot of clutter piling up in the references cause you would not necessary want to link more general expressions (e. g. the term “finance”) altogether on one point. Conscious decisions should still be possible, when a link does not provide any relevant further information in a certain context, IMO it’s better to omit it in order to save time and prevent cluttered documents.

I think connecting with intent plays a role here

However, I would love seeing options in this regard for connecting & disconnecting
Right now it is so manual

Good ideas here

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This. It should be a UX design principle for RemNote to enable intentional connecting and disconnecting of ideas with minimal friction. Just like in a brain when axons change between neurons when you learn.