Slash commands/shortcuts to record practice outside a queue session

Feature:: It would be useful if we could record a practice session for a rem directly using a (slash) command/shortcut from the editor without starting up the queue.

The counterargument for this is that you do not do active recall (because you can see rem just now) and there is no proper spacing when not in the queue. But there are workflows that would make this useful which can not be replicated in a queue/with the current state of the queue (since it is a simplified rich text viewer).

Use cases::

  • A plugin poses some kind of problem, e.g. a chess puzzle/math problem which needs to be solved interactively and you want to log the practice progress.
  • Manually hiding the answers, e.g. with :scroll: Active Recall or by expanding a more complex hierarchy.
  • Having some Custom CSS layout (which is currently lost in the Queue) like an ASCII art table with a cloze

UX/Implementation:: These could be builtin commands, builtin commands that you can optionally enable (e.g. in the lab settings) or just API methods to create this functionality for plugins.

Related to: Queue Plugins API