Study a folder without affecting SRS

I feel like there should be an option to study all the rem in a folder without affecting the SRS, because using the “study all the rem” option multiple times end up making a rem appear 5y later in the queue.

Maybe a workaround is to always click in the “show again in an hour”?

Or make a backup, study, and re-import the backup afterwards? (I am not sure I’d dare try this)

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The way this feature has been titled is misleading to me as well, because we aren’t actually studying without spaced repetition considering that it appears as if our responses while in this “studying without SRS” queue do modify the intervals for future practice.

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I’m confused. Are we talking about the Practice all rem in this document (without Spaced Repetition) Option? @anisha, what’s the discussion here then?

Yes, we are. It’s not actually without Spaced Repetition because the intervals get modified as mentioned by the original poster. I was talking about how the feature itself has been named in Remnote and how that, to me, is misleading.


But using that option, you can study the rem without SRS, and not affecting the actual SRS status of the cards. This is an existing feature :expressionless:, how is that a feature request? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It does affect the SRS status of the cards. As OP has said, when he used this feature multiple times, the intervals changed from their regular intervals to 5 years. Other users have mentioned this earlier in Discord as well. If this feature does not affect the SRS status, it should not be changing the intervals. It should be similar to Anki’s preview (doing cards without it affecting the intervals).


That doesn’t make sense. What’s the point of the practice without SRS option then?

I thought it didn’t affect the SRS status. Apologies. :sweat_smile:

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If you want to study the whole document, to be sure that everything’s fresh in your head, you would use this option. In this case , why not compute that study session as, well, times where you recalled the stuff and that affect when you’ll need to see it again? To me, it makes sense as a default. Agree that the naming “study without SRS” is confusing though.

If after an early review, the new scheduled time is moved too far back in the future, then the algorithm may need improvement, but it still makes sense to me to compute it.

However, I agree with OP that sometimes you just want to browse the cards without any attempt at actually studying them, and maybe clicking “see them in 1 hr” is less convenient than having the option to study outside the SRS system. I don’t see it as a priority though, but many people do according to the votes.

IMO, this should be filed as a bug. The feature says ‘study without SRS’ but when you study it changes the SRS schedule. The current behavior clearly deviates from the spec, hence a bug, anyone agree?


Also for the non srs mode, could we only have two buttons for rating?

Nope, there should be a new option to study and not change the srs scheduling.
This was my question too:

And @helado gave the best explanation…

Hey everyone, I agree that our previous naming was surely causing some confusion, it has then been changed to

Our core philosophy is that, the system/ tool should take the cognitive load of what to learn and when to learn, based on how hard it is for us to retrieve a piece of information that needs to be internalised. This is why we find it hard to implement some features like “Reset all SRS metadata” and “Practise without affecting schedule”.

It goes against our principles, as ideally if you practise something and based on how well you can recall it, it should be taken into account.
For use cases like an upcoming exam, where a student might still want to practise everything before the exam, we have the above shown ability to practise no matter when the actual card is scheduled for. You can also do this any number of times, so a user is never locked out of practise.

The only question here is, why should we not take into account these custom practise sessions?
Let’s maybe think through this:

  • You have an exam and hence you want to practise everything.
  • You come across a card and you can recall it well, if we didn’t save this info to the scheduler then this card that you have a good memory for will show up in the global queue over other cards that you haven’t practised this much and ones that you can’t recall this well.
  • Now imagine you had hundreds of such cards, and then you practised them multiple times the week leading to the exam, this would result in messing up the global queue, which is supposed to prioritise and show you stuff that you are about to forget the most.
  • This kind of breaks the trust that one can have over the queue, that it will also prioritise what’s most important (based on memory decay)

Would love to hear good arguments here :slight_smile:


The fact that Quick-Setting to Reset Spaced Repetition History of a single Flashcard is currently the 9th popular feature request shows that the current scheduling is not sufficient for everyone’s learning needs. I can list many, but one real need for this is a way to fix easy hell. The options (below) we have for this problem are less than ideal

On ‘practice without spaced repetition’ topic. I think, whether practice should affect the schedule or not depends on everyone’s learning style and situation. So providing both options will cater everyone’s needs. Few use cases I have are

  1. Just quickly go through newly created cards in order, make sure I understand the topic, new cards makes sense, there are no typos etc. before I actually start reviewing them.
  2. Especially when the schedule interval becomes too big, it starts to feel like I remember each individual card from a particular topic but not sure if I fully understand the big picture. In that case, it would be good to just skim through those cards and make sure that there are no holes in my understanding without messing up the schedule of all those cards.

In general, Card browser, preview and filter FR shows RemNote’s lack in providing better access and control over cards.


Really appreciate the feedback here! Noting this down for internal discussions :slight_smile:

@Karthikk But isn’t there an issue with that? its obvious if you do the same cards in a short span of time your retention of it will be higher. That’s not doing you any good, however, as you will soon forget the card. But if the SRS adjusts the card ease, you will see the card much later. But that’s not how the SRS is supposed to work, as it relies on you nearly forgetting the card then bumps your retention again. If you don’t give your brain the time to forget the SRS is useless

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