Quick-Setting to Reset Spaced Repetition History of a single Flashcard

Hello everyone,

As already confirmed here Reset Spaced Repetition History of a Flashcard, there is no dedicated convenient way to reset a spaced repetion history of a single flashcard. Does this bother you guys as well? So my feature request would be to add a quick-settings option to handle it like this:

Or perhaps you guys have better ideas?

I’d love to hear from you guys!


You could practice the card without spaced repetition and hit “again”, which is not full reset, but sends it into a re-learning phase (not sure about the details of this under the hood).

True, I could.
I could also copy the Rem, delete it and insert it again.
But both of these methods are needlessly cumbersome, in my opinion.
That’s why I’m asking for this feature :wink: :upside_down_face:

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Also, when editing a Rem, sometimes I just correct a typo and then there doesn’t need to be a reset of the SRS history, because there is no new content to learn.
But when I add content and the card would only appear months after my exams then it doesn’t help me much. So perhaps when editing a Rem, there should be an option to either send it into a re-learning phase (or reset the history) or to leave the SRS be as it is.


For when we want to start over with all the cards in a document as new cards. Similar to the “Reschedule” option in Anki


I also very much expect this option. It will be very nice if the option appears soon.


This looks like a duplicate of Quick-Setting to Reset Spaced Repetition History of a single Flashcard

It is bummer that this feature is still not available. The two common workarounds suggested are less than ideal

  1. Copy paste the rem and create a new one - If the existing rem is already linked at other places this is just not an option
  2. Rate the flashcard as ‘Forgotten’ the next time you review it - if the next repetition time is in 6 months, waiting for the next review doesn’t make any sense. This might still be a possible if we do a forced review on the card only because of this bug - Study a folder without affecting SRS

I would love this feature. The sooner the better, it would help anyone who would like to review there rem more than once in one day

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This is really much needed. It would be great if whe have the option to reset (clear) the reviewing history of both single cards/Rems or an entire document.

Also, it would be very good if we could, when exporting (JSON), choose between exporting with reviewing history or not.


It would be very useful if you can manually set the interval of a specific flashcard.

Isn’t this already possible with “Customize Document SRS”? Or isn’t that what you want to do?

Here is some code snippet I made a while ago using some inofficial APIs:

// Only works for concept/descriptor/question cards I think
function resetFocusedCard() {
    const rem = window.currentFocusedRem()
    const rId = rem._id;
    const nextPracticeTime = (new Date()).getTime();
    const cards = window.CardCollection(window.currentKnowledgeBaseId());
    const card = cards.findOne({rId});
    card.update({h: [], n: nextPracticeTime, a: nextPracticeTime, t: 0, l: undefined});
    console.info("Reset Schedule of rem", rem.key, "with id", rId);

function customShortcuts(e) { 
    if (e.code === 'KeyX' && e.ctrlKey && e.shiftKey && e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {

window.addEventListener('keydown', customShortcuts);

Execute it in the Console of the Developer Tools (Browser: F12, Desktop App: Ctrl + Shift + I) or store it as a Snippet which can be executed with Ctrl + Enter:

It bind Ctrl + Shift + Alt + X to reset the the flashcard history of a single Concept, Descriptor or Question rem. I don’t think it works with Clozes/Image Occlusion or list/multiline cards, but there are probably ways to extend it this way.

Use with care. Test first if it works for yourself by inspecting the rem using /View Metadata. I don’t guarantee anything. This is not official RemNote stuff. I only made this for fun back in the days before my time at RemNote.


It works perfectly with cloze and multiline cards. Thank you a lot sir, this is very much needed feature. Thanks again for all your efforts. I hope the developers incorporate this feature into future updates

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