Sub-level templates cannot be inserted

no hint to inserted the template C


The old version can do that. I am going to run the old version and demonstrate it

Just like that. Can you see clearly, because I downloaded the new gif software and I’m not very good at it yet. Is this the meaning of your post above? I do not add bolstering tag just add the ~ tag

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I didn’t realise it got fixed at some point in the old version - my feature request was functionally a bug report. Your gifs are fine (maybe use a narrow vertical window to show the slots menu closer to the rems, but that’s nitpicking), thanks for creating a demonstration, hopefully it will get fixed again. Incidentally, I can recommend to also show clicks and keyboard presses in your gifs and easily edit them.

thanks, hoping this bug will get fixed soon, haha

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Any news about this bug fix? I really want it back😭