Such a great way to create a database for your research work

I am wriitng my baechlor’s thesis and what gets me so excited is that I am creating a data base for all the studies I am going through on RemNote. I hate myself for having bought the pro version so late, the pdf editor is a game changer!
Wishful thinking but it would be so awesome in my individual case if Remnote had some sorta integration with Menedeley. While it would save me like 30 mins max in a whole day work session, having such an intergation would be soo amazing!!!


There is a feature request pending for better metadata-retrieval and the integration of a literature manager. You can vote for it here: PDF metadata retrieval.

Though I strongly agree with your wish for having a literature manager integrated into RemNote, I’m not sure whether I would support Mendeley… but that this is just my personal opinion (!). Also, I know that Mendeley is popular in certain fields. It’s just that only yesterday I listened to a collegue of mine complaining about half an hour about the latest update. Elsevier (the company behind Mendeley now, as I understood it) does not have the best reputation - they tend to buy up and then capitalise certain core features which were formarly free. But then again… I know some people who’ve worked with it for years, so it seems to be a legit choice :slight_smile:

However: good success with your thesis!


I moved my references to Zotero after Elsevier bought Mendeley. I don’t trust Elsevier with my data.