PDF Metadata retrieval

The actual metadata extraction is very poor. Could you implement a communication with Zotero in order to use the metadata retrieved from it? Or implement the Zotero’s functionality directly in Remnote?

Same issue!

Not a solution, but, I’ve a CSL that “speaks remnote”, allowing extractions of Authors, Journals, Issues Year, systematically.


Weaver, W. Science and Complexity. Am. Sci. 36, 536–544 (1948)


Science and Complexity, Weaver, [[Issued/1948]]
∟ [[People/Authors/Weaver, Warren]]
∟ [[Issued/1948]] in [[Journals/American Scientist]]
∟ … ##1-line-abstract
∟ … ##Topics

Here is the CSL and instructions : ft-fk/CSL-Remnote: CSL (citation language style) to cite document from Mendeley/Zotero in Remnote-Md (github.com)


I’ve changed the CSL to make use of aliases

Now it adds an alias “Author, date”, so that you can cite more easily:

In the example above [[Weaver, 1948]] is created as an alias of the full article name.

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