Suggestions from a spaced-repetition orientated user


Suggestions below from a user that is purely using RemNote for med school.

Why do I use it? A very fast way for me to move from Lectures/Content to ~anki cards. Time is everything in this course, so something that makes it easier/faster, even if it doesn’t have all the features/add-ons, is a huge win.

Do I use remnote to its full advantage? probably not. portals/etc, I don’t pay too much attention to. Even tagging got old quick.
I split my weeks up, define documents by lectures, and take notes (which is pretty much cards and image occlusion) immediately. Sometimes I track to-dos.

What do I want, If I could have it?

  1. Be able to test cards with macro-categories (e.g. images only).
  2. automate more things, e.g.
    2.1 each lecture/document I make, has a set of cards within it. I want to know in the ~title of that document how many cards I have to do, total card count, when I last did it, etc. My preference would be colour coding the title based on the ‘health’ of the reviewed cards (are they due, done, over due, etc).
    2.2. introduce more ‘quick’ wins, simple example: image occlusion button for merging all boxes (I know this can be done with a few clicks, but my choice on this tool is speed/smooth/ease of use, so these little things make life easier/better).
    2.3. more stats on the cards. heat maps, etc. Something to continue to remind me when I’m doing well, or when im missing something, etc.
  3. better export of image occlusion/cards to anki, etc. I can very easily sell this tool to classmates, right up until the point that I have to say ~“it doesn’t export well at all, especially images”, and people get scared. I don’t think ill leave the tool, but if I had known I’m not sure I would have locked myself into it for the next 2-4 years.

I’m sure there are others, but I guess what I’m saying is, all the data is there for some of these quick/automation wins, and they will make the tool soooooo nice and smooth and easy to use - will take so much burden away from me, and that’s what I want from a tool like this :).



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