Syncing issues between mobile and computer

For some reason, when I deleted imported Quizlet cards into Remnote, the browser version has been having issues syncing. I keep refreshing it, but the number of cards in the mobile app has been staying the same. In fact, not long after once I refreshed my browser, the number of cards in my queue reverted back. However, I still have different number of rems in the top-level rem I changed. In addition, I’m getting an “out of memory” message frequently on the browser.

Here are some screen shots I took of the browser version reverting back along with the mobile version.

In case anyone has the same issue, I managed to this syncing problem by highlighting portions of the document and logging in and out to force a sync. It takes a while though.

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hey @ODKhub, have you been facing any sync related issues lately after that?

I haven’t run into this kind of problem again since my original post. Thank you for asking.

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Good to know, thanks for responding :slight_smile: closing the post now.