Test One-by-One Shuffling Ability

I would find it useful if there was the ability to extend the numbered list test one-by-one feature so that each numbered bullet is tested completely separately, shuffled into the due cards, and with its own ease rating. I do not imagine this would be hard to implement.

I heavily use this feature for learning steps in proofs and it is very time consuming to have to relearn the whole card if just one is failed. This would also be better for learning from an interleaving perspective. Thanks :slight_smile:

I support the creation of ordered and unordered lists. However, another idea occurred to me. Since I deal with mnemonics and the loci or route method has a prominent position within mnemonics, my suggestion would be that a user can create their own lists. If one wants to create a parent-REM with x child-REM, the childs get an item from the self-created list instead of the bullets or numbers. This way you can mentally walk your routes while repeating the flashcards.

Just an idea.