The `` shortcut for quote [U+0060] doesn't work for me

I reversed search the ` symbol from the documentation with an online tool.
It tells me that it is the Unicode Character ‘GRAVE ACCENT’ (U+0060)
It can be triggered via ALT+96 on Windows. This is the same as ALT+µ on my Belgian French keyboard.

Neither works…

Any idea?


See typing - How do I type the tick and backtick characters on Windows? - Super User for typing backticks on different layouts.

This image suggests AltGr + µ makes a `


Since it is a dead key you need to actually insert the first before typing the second one. I do that with space. So backtick, space, backtick, space works for me for the german layout.

I see! didn’t know about the dead key thing, it makes sense as it is an accent.
I suppose it means its triggered as a full key on a US - keyboard.

I’m using quote too often, I’ll remap to produce space+backtick I think :slight_smile: (if that’s possible)

Thanks :+1:

I used the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to make all accents normal keys, but it is not the easiest piece of software to use.