Unable to Expand Views

This is both on Beta and Primary -
I am unable to drill into many of my dropdowns (I may have the terminology off). This prohibits me from seeing all the information under the expanded groupings. It happens in the desktop version, web version (both beta and primary). Please help, I am at a serious disadvantage when I can’t see all my information.

Thank you tea


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I think your issue is related to this where you can’t expand the bullets.

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ah, got it. This seems to be related to the other issue mentioned above, so merging it with that. Thank you!

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You can easily replicate it on your end, as well, by trying to find “unfinished” ToDos. I can’t expand any of them :frowning: Thus - I can’t see everything that’s waiting on me (yes, I have a lot - don’t be too alarmed with that number) -

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I cannot expand the Rem in portals.
When I tried to expand it, it was immediately closed.
It is reproducible in desktop version, too.
If reference number is small, I don’t have this problem.

Here is videos of the behavior.