Unable to export as markdown

I’m having problems exporting files as markdown. When I export a single document as markdown, the zip file is empty. When I try to export the entire knowledge base as markdown, the page hangs with a (“aw snap”) message. (OTOH, I’m able to export the knowledge base as JSON successfully. - Problems with JSON export as well. See edit below.)
I need my knowledge base as markdown files in order to have a local copy of my files in Obsidian.
EDIT: Just noticed that my JSON export is empty of my rems. It only has 10kb information without any of my knowledge base. Tried a few times with same result. (JSON export has no content)

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Obsidian interoperability would be insane. But I don’t think it is as easy as fixing the markdown export work.

@hannesfrank :sweat_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:. For sure. Btw, are you having similar problems with markdown export? Not sure why my exported zip files are empty. Plus hanging when exporting as knowledge base.

I do not use it. But it is buggy for me as well.

@hannesfrank Thanks. Do you then use only JSON export? In what other note taking software can you import the JSON format?
P.S. HTML export also gives empty zip files like the markdown export.

@Brindha I only use RemNote for now. I don’t think there is any notetaking software that accepts RemNotes raw backup as an import for now. The raw json contains all information of your knowledge base though. And if the situation arrises one can convert this format to anything you like: A specialized markdown format for Obsidian, something that Roam Research can consume. Whatever you like.

(P.S. I try to move this post to #RemNote I think it fits better there and this is not a classical Q/A question. Edit: seems like it keeps the question format… Edit: No it does not! Had to refresh.)

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Same problem. Exporting single document as markdown in Firefox Remnote gave me an empty zip

Exporting single document as markdown in Chrome Remnote works fine.

Importing that same document to Firefox Remnote doesn’t work either.