Updating flashcards when rem content changes

I have the following scenario: I have 3 multiline flashcard rems, let’s call them A,B,C with names and contents name_A, content_A, name_B, content_B, name_C, content_C respectively. I want to move rems B and C so that rem A is their parent; and I want the content of A in the flashcard to be updated to (original_content_A, B, C).

If I just move B and C to have A as a parent via Ctrl-M, this does not properly update the content of A’s flashcard. If I add two new lines under A and copy-paste the contents of B and C in those lines, this correctly updates the flashcard content for A; but the copies of B and C do not inherit the spaced repetition timeline of the originals, which means the initial study intervals are quite small (which is annoying).

Is there a way to set A as B and C’s parent that updates the contents of A’s flashcard, but does not reset the spaced repetition interval for either B or C?

Did you set B and C to be items of the card of A rather than just children? You can check from the bottom toolbar when focusing either of them or by the solid line beside them.

You may also wish to look into using clozes instead Multiline and list worse than cloze with shift+enter for list flashcards, updates needed (if you need to keep B and C for linking, you can just disable practice on them).