When typing Chinese, the editor doesn't work as expected

When typing in Chinese, you need to press the up, down, left and right keys to select the desired accurate Chinese character.

Normally, the Chinese character user will select the desired Chinese character on the OS input panel, and the cursor will not move in the editing page when pressing up,down,left and right keys.

But in Remnote when I press the up,down, left and right keys to select in the MacOs input panel, the cursor will be MISPLACED in Remnote edit page, which basically makes it impossible to input Chinese in correct sentence order. TOTALLY BAD user experience.

e.g. : When i press the down key to choose chinese character in the input panel, the cursor in the edit page moves to the next line :sob:

Desktop、google chrome all the same. REALLY hope this problem can be solved!

Similar problem. When I am composing words in Chinese input method, and then, press enter to confirm the content, it breaks the line and leaves incorrect things.

Technically speaking, there are so-called composition events for Chinese input methods.

It seems that RemNote always trigger actions on keypress, ignoring these composition events. But actually, when user is composing words, it shouldn’t.

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